The "Stock Up Craze"

I arrived at a local gun show in Custer Wa, at 11 AM, just 2 hours after the show started. Almost all of the semi-auto weapons such as the Ar-15, Ak-47, Mini 14, and so on, were sold. The ones that remained were either "overpriced" or less desirable. But the real question is "What is overpriced now for a decent used semi auto rifle?" News of Obama's easy victory hit the gun owning citizens like an earthquake. People are unsure of what is going to happen with their rights, whether its ownership of the rifles, or the banning of lead bullets. So people are stocking up on what they need to have later, NOW.
Of course I was there for the same reason, I just came to late. I go to a gun shop afterwords, and learn that suppliers are are all back ordered for six months. It will be interesting to see how all this pans out.

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