Used Break Barrel Shotgun Buyers Tip

If you are going to invest in a break action shotgun, and we all know they can cost a lot. There is a test I learned the other day that tests how tight the tolerances are in break action shotguns. You take a piece of paper and stick it in the action and close the barrel with the paper sticking in it. If it locks, then maybe you should keep looking. Break action shotguns should have tight tolerances, if it does not lock up tight you will have gas escaping out the break point with every shot, thus losing maximum velocity.

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topkick said...

Read your opinion on the great Turaus 44 mag. revolvers I own 2 have hunted with them for 7 years in all kinds of weather, never let me down. Its a man's gun, you must be a lil wimp. if you are proud of your weapon you are proud of the large lettering. By the way US Army choose a foreign hand gun becaus Smith/ Wesson couldn't build one.