Large Frame .44 Magnum Revolvers List

Ruger Redhawk:
Definitely my first choice for a heavily built .44 magnum revolver, the Ruger Redhawk can handle the hotter loads than any other .44magnum revolver on the market. In addition to the heavy build, it is an accurate gun for people who can shoot with that kind of weight. I would recommend the model with the 4" barrel, it is as accurate as the versions with the longer barrel at distances of up to 75 yards. Only a personal preference to longer barrels will make you think the longer barrels are more accurate at that range. The only real thing I don't like about this revolver is the cylinder release button. I like the Smith & Wesson and the Colt cylinder release much more, they are much faster to use and feel more smooth. But all Ruger double action revolvers have the same release. It's just personal preference.

Super Blackhawk:
A good single action .44 magnum, smooth and excellent quality, and has no real competition in sales.

Colt Anaconda:
I my opinion the most beautiful .44 magnum revolver ever made. With the vented ribs, and the smooth look and feel the Colt Anaconda ranks as my favorite .44 Magnum revolver ever. All of Colt's snake series revolvers have been out of production since sometime in the late 90's. So your best chance of finding one of these fine revolvers is on, and it wont be cheap.

Smith & Wesson 629:
If you like many different makes to choose from, then take a look at the Smith & Wesson Model 29's. The only caution I have is that you cant handload, loads much heavier than you can buy off the shelf, since this weapon has a bad history with heavy hand loads. Also, handle on the model 29 is made for big hands, and it can be tough to operate one handed, single action unless you have a really big pair of mitts!

Smith & Wesson Model 29:
Hit the market with a boom after Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry movies, the Smith & Wesson Model 29 is an undying legend. Yet set aside all the lore and gusto and what do you have? A flawless functioning revolver, that perhaps lacks the strength of the more modern revolvers. But there has always been a special place in my heart for finely blued revolvers and the Model 29 is no exception. Smith & Wesson has put the Model 29 back into production, for how long no one knows. It is one of the few .44 magnums on the market today that comes blued. The Redhawk being the only real competition in blued .44 magnums.

Taurus model Model 44:
The cheapest .44 magnum revolver available on the market, works great, pretty low profile, and gets good ratings. most of you know Taurus's are made in Brazil, I like to support my American gun makers with my money. Tuarus has a lifetime repair warranty, that is a huge deciding factor for most people. If you can get past their customer no-service, they will repair your broken gun only charging you shipping expenses.

Taurus Raging Bull:

I like the Tuarus Raging Bull for it's looks, and it's capable of fairly heavy loads. But personally I never did like the way Taurus plasters their names on their guns in bold tacky looking fonts. but other than that it is an inexpensive solution for finding a functional .44 magnum revolver.

Freedom Arms:
Freedom arms come in 3 different grades, the Premier Grade, Field Grade, and the Silhouette/Competition grade. Freedom arms without a doubt makes the highest quality single action revolvers and that goes for past, present, and I'm putting my money on Freedom Arms for future too. The tolerances are so tight and perfect, and they are built so strong that they have their own class of reloading recipes that go way hotter than any other .44 magnum will allow for. The cylinder lockup is always tight with no slop right to left, pick up any revolver you own right now and feel the slop in the cylinder when its locked, its non-existant in a Freedom Arms revolver. They actually bore out their cylinders through the barrel, ensuring that the lineup is perfect. If you demand the best, try a Freedom Arms, you wont be disappointed.

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