Savage 24C Series S 20 GA & .22 LR Over And Under

Made by savage as a trapper or survival rifle, the Savage 24C is designed as a take down combo rifle/shotgun that requires no tools whatsoever to take down. When Taken down, it measures a total of just 20"!!! That's how long the barrel is. The butt of the stock has a swinging plate installed over factory drilled holes for emergency shell storage. The lower barrel is chambered for 20 Ga 2 3/4" and 3" Shotgun shells. The top barrel is chambered for .22 LR (long rifle) both barrels are equipped with extractors. This gun is a great bush pilot gun and is equally well suited to be a kids starter gun, because it shoots both .22 LR and 20 Ga. Only one Shell can be fired at a time since by design this rifle only has one firing pin for both barrels. The pin is situated on the hammer and has 2 settings, one for the lower barrel and one for the upper. This is the older Savage 24C and has the better barrel drop mechanism that is integrated in the trigger guard. It's way faster and more efficient than the newer Savage, and is a much greater joy to shoot clays with. Another reason it's a good kids gun is because of the hard trigger, it's never a good thing to start a kid with his first gun that has a hair trigger. And you have to give this guns trigger a good squeeze to make it go off. There is no safety feature on the Savage 24C, the hammer itself being the safety, it should never be cocked until ready to fire, and the upland hunter way to carry it is with the barrels in the open position, slung over your shoulder. I am currently selling this gun on and if you are perhaps interested in it then check out my listing! (SOLD)

I sold mine but if you are interested there is always a deal on

Lynden WA

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