2.5" Colt Python For Sale on Gunbroker

I bought this Colt Python about a year ago, mainly as an investment, Ive always wanted one but I wanted it with a 6" barrel. I found this Colt Python for sale locally in Dave's Sport Shop in Lynden, and it was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up. Not long after I bought it I found another 6" Python for a reasonable deal and purchased it, it is now my favorite handgun to shoot, barring none.
My 2.5" Colt Python is like brand new, I'm the second owner and I've kept this gun on velvet, if shot at all by the first owner I couldn't say, but if so he no more than test fired, It looks unfired. Serial #T38853 the Finnish is the Beautiful Colt Python bluing, it is so smooth and polished that you can literally see your own reflection in it! 98% to 99% Finnish on this baby! if you look hard you can barely see a cylinder roll mark. In My opinion the Colt Python is the most beautiful production revolver ever made, with the smoothest operating to boot. I don't have the original Box but it's definitely in collectible condition. Will be shipped in a case.

Gunbroker Listing (SOLD)

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