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Just got back from a trip from Eastern WA a few days ago and me and my family and some friends all shot up a thousand rounds 12 gauge shotgun ammo... each... we had about 8 shotguns there and up to 4 shooters shooting. My favorite shotgun there was a CZ over and under single trigger 12 ga shotgun, It shoots so bloody fast!
There was also a 44 year old browning model A5 12 lightweight, known as the worlds first great semi-auto shotgun, a beautiful old gun, with a tried tested and true recoil reduction system. But I learned to shoot with the old Remington 870 pump action 12 ga. Ive blasted off probably 20,000 shots with that ol' gun. Well 20,000 shots later a 12 ga made a pretty intimate relationship with my bruised shoulder... And I can shoot better with that ol' scatter gun than any other.
While we were out there we taught my little brother how to shoot clay pigeons. While they were moving... He is 14 years old and me and dad bought him a Charles Daly youth pump 20 ga, he's got a really quick eye. So quick he almost shoots before the clay is thrown... miss... miss... miss... Holy Cow! He hit it! Yeop, after about the first 5 clays thrown for him he was blasting them out of the sky faster than you can blink an eye, he might be as good as me someday!
We had a great time, I got to finally sight in my 6 month old M4 assault rifle. The only bad thing was that Pheasant hunting near Almira WA was really bad.
If you are wondering about my post title then check this guy out, His name is Patrick Flanigan, he is an exhibition shooter for Winchester, he's broken several records with his Winchester SX2 & SX3. the most outstanding of which is shooting 12 clays out of the air in succession... Oh and he throws them himself... And shooting 9 clays from the hip is pretty impressive as well... Check out the Exhibition Shooting Videos on his site too.
Lynden, WA


Samantha said...

Hey Adam... this is really random. But I am trying to buy my Boyfriend a nice knife for Christmas. He has a few folding knives, but none are really good quality. I'm looking for something that is easy to use, light to carry (he clips it on the inside of his pocket) and somewhere in the $50 price range. I really dont know much about knives other than that. If you have any recommendations that would be amazing.

Jon & Adam said...

My personal all time favorite useful folding knife is the Spyderco Endura Wave. Normal retail prices are about $74.99, but I got mine off ebay for $54 This is a real working mans folding knife. Its made of VG-10 carbon steel, which retains an edge a long time. And it gets open and into action really fast.

for ra small gentlemans pocket knife that is affordable I would rerecomend the CRKT "Koji Hara Ichi" Merry Christmas Samantha!

- Adam

Xtreme Sport Shooter said...

Thanks for the support Adam!

Happy Holidays!
Patrick Flanigan

gewehre said...

I just purchased two of the "Flanigun" SX3's. I also purchased tno of the magazine extensions from Patrick Flaniguns website.
I emailed him to see if he would be at any events in WA state. He replied that he had no currently scheduled events, but if I knew of any to let him know and he would try to schedule it in.
If you know of any events coming up let me know.


AdamVC said...

Will do Dan