Armalite AR-10A4 .308

I'm also selling my Armalite AR-10 A4, (SOLD) Ive shot only 20 rounds through it, after which it was thoroughly cleaned and even field stripped to clean the bolt properly. Great gun it shoots both the 7.62mm NATO round and the .308 Win round. Field stripping this gun is so easy you would laugh, it has the quick pins that hold the lower receiver to the upper. You never have to fear losing these pins in the field because the only remove far enough to allow the milled aluminium lower receiver to detach from the upper, you just have to pop the pins and pull off the top. I have to say that the recoil reduction system (Gas Block) on the Armalite AR-10A4 is pretty darn good, even with the heavy Federal .308 Win rounds that I used the recoil was low enough for fast target re-acquisition. With the 16" barrel, and the M4 collapsible stock makes the Armalite AR-10A4 an extremely fast target acquiring rifle with some considerable knockdown power! The only downside of the AR-10 A4 is the price, you can get cheaper AR style .308 Para Military weapons through different brands. That is because Armalite has fought their way to the top of the heap with their AR series and have earned themselves the name of quality.

Lynden WA

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