Sold My Ruger Mini 30

I had a lot of fun with this gun, it was the first gun I ever bought bigger than a .22 LR so Ive had it for a while. When I was about 16 I refinished the stock. It was the first time I ever for that too! I never liked the looks of the original stock so I sanded it, stained it walnut, then put about 15 coats of low gloss danish tongue oil. Since then Ive refinished several stocks and have learned better how to deal with light colored wood like birch. What I neglected to do for this mini 30 was to paint the stock with sealer around the really porous parts of the wood, and then when I applied the stain certain parts of the stock soaked in more stain, as you can see from the bottom picture. I doubt I will ever own a Ruger Mini 30 ever again, but only for a minor reason, reliable magazines for the Ruger Mini 30 are next to impossible to find, and none of them are as good as the factory mags. And Ruger nave3r made any Hi-Cap magazines for the mini 30, at least if they did I never found them when looking for them. The magazines you see in the pictures are imports, they don't work well with the Mini 30... Perhaps if modified they would though. But no if I bought anything like it it would be the Mini 14 because it takes the standard AR-15 Magazines.

Lynden WA

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Anonymous said...

i like your blog
mini14 dosen't take ar15 mags - just an fyi