Taurus Judge .410/.45 Revolver

Taurus makes 4 revolvers that shoot .410 shotshells and .45 LC (Long Colt). I think that this revolver would be a great personal defense weapon, you have the option of loading it with not necissarily lethal shotshells, or with deadly, powerful .45 LC ammo. Or it could be used just like the Snake Slayer, only you get more shots. The Snake Slayer is a derringer style gun that shots a .410 shotshell and one other bullet in almost any caliber up to .44 magnum. The Snake Slayer is used mainly for... You guessed it! Killing snakes. Taurus Judge .410/.45 LC revolvers are just the thing to use against snakes or as a personal defense weapon. The Taurus Judge is available for sale on Gunbroker.com

Lynden, WA

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comment4t0r said...

Sounds like a good multipurpose gun and would definately be fun at the range. probably have to wait for price to cool down first though.