Rossi R462

The Rossi R462 is the only small frame revolver that comes from the factory with a 6 shot cylinder. Rossi is now owned and operated by Taurus Arms, so the Rossi R462 is now backed by the Taurus repair warranty. Let me fill you in on the Taurus repair warranty. The Taurus repair warranty gives you more peace of mind about buying a firearms, they will always repair your gun, no matter the problem, whatever it is. The Taurus warranty is unparalleled by the gun manufacturing business. The Rossi R462 is manufactured in Brazil, that is how they are able to sell it for such a good deal, and because it is backed by the Taurus warranty, you want have to worry about buying an imported gun. The Rossi R462 has the amazing MSRP of $290! Name me a .357 Magnum revolver for less with an unlimited, lifetime warranty! Easily concealed and only weighs 26 oz the Rossi R462 is a great choice! 357 Magnum is the perfect self defense round, there is more power in a 357 magnum than in a .38 Special and you are still able to shoot .38 Special rounds out of the .357!
The means you can do all your practice shooting with cheaper .38 Special ammo, and with less recoil as well. With only a 2" barrel, I was able to fire off all 6 shots at the 25 yd line and get all my shots on the 12x9" piece of paper in about a 4" group. That's about as good as it gets for me without having a back sight. This revolver was not made for target practice though, it is specifically for self defense, although my mom likes to shoot it. It's really to heavy to make it a carry gun of choice, the real reason I bought it is because It's cheap efficient firepower, easily concealed and because of the finish I don't have to worry about exposing it elements to long. You can buy the Rossi R462 on
Lynden, WA


Bob A. (San Antonio) said...

I bought the 461 model, blued. I took it to the range for the first time and on the first round the gun would not fire again, the cylinder got stuck. I sent it back to Rossi/Taurus for repair and they sent the gun back in the same condition, can't close the cylinder with six rounds in it. Have recently sent it back, don't know what this outcome will be.

AdamVC said...

I broke mine too Bob shooting home defense .357 rounds. A spring wedged between the hammer and side plate, I replaced the spring with a larger one to prevent it from happening again. No problems since then.