.357 Mag Colt Python

The Colt Python is one of the finest revolvers ever designed. The checkered grips look and feel great, the gun itself is finished with beautiful bluing that just shines. The Python is becoming increasingly rare and hard to get, they have been out of production now for some time and the Colt Python has become something of a collectors item. I really want to buy one but finding the amount of cash to afford one is tough. on Gunbroker.com they go anywhere from $660 to $1200! And that usually depends on the condition of the gun, the $1200 one would be a Colt Python that had never been fired and with the box.
Ive drooled over this gun for some time, I will probably never own one, because there are so many other guns high on my list, and I only earn so much money. But anyway back to the gun, the Colt Python shoots like a dream, it is very accurate, far more accurate than most of the people that shoot it. The Colt Python is the standard I measure other .357 magnums up to.

Lynden, WA

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