SOG Knives

I'd just like to start off with a little history behind SOG Knives before I get into individual knives they manufacture. "SOG" is an abbreviation for Studies and Observation Group, an elite joint services military group designed for covert operations in the Vietnam War. They were given permission to design and buy tools and equipment they would need to use. During this time
SOG designed a knife that became the foundation of the company known as SOG Knives today! This knife had to be the toughest knife possible. And even today SOG has not lowered the standards to their first knife.
They have been committed entirely to designing and manufacturing their knives and tools to be the finest most specialized pieces of equipment available. Each product is created by Founder and Chief Engineer, Spencer Frazer.
SOG continues their legacy today, they have earned worldwide recognition with their great knife designs.
And there is one more thing I'd like to add to all this. Many of our military's elite, use SOG fixed blade knives, they know they can trust SOG Knives with their lives in a tight spot.

Sog Micron
Sog Fusion Battle Ax
Sog Fusion Throwing Knife Set
Blink Stainless
Twitch I Small Lockback
Sog Mini Topo
Sog Fusion Tactical Tomahawk
Sog Jungle Primitive
Field Pup
Flash I Tini Partially Serrated
Sog Contour
Sog Mini Topo Black
Twitch II A/O Large Lockback
Twitch II
Twitch I Rainbow
Sog Gentleman
Flash II Tanto Camo
Twitch II Black Checkered
Twitch II Checkered Graphite
Flash II Tanto TiNi
Flash II A/O Black Tini Partially Serrated
Flash II Tanto Camo TiNi
Flash II Tiger Stripe
Flash I A/O Rainbow Aluminum
Twitch XL
Flash I A/O Partially Serrated
Sog Topo Meridian
Sog Contour Black
Twitch II Black TiNi
Trident Tanto
Flash II Tanto Graphite Series
Trident Black TiNi
Trident Folder TigerStripe Combo Edge
Hunter Revolver H
Twitch II Rainbow
Sog Seal Pup Elite
Sog Trident Desert Camo
Sog Seal Pup Tiger Stripe
TF-7 Trident
Sog PowerLock EOD
Sog PowerLock EOD Black
Sog PowerLock Black w/ V Cutter
Mini X-Ray Vision
Topo Meridian Black Tiain
SealPup Elite
Sog Special Edition Seal Pup Elite
Spec Elite I
Flash II Tanto TiNi Graphite Series
Tactical Ranger
Sog Daggert 1 Bead Blast
Twitch XL Black TiNi
Gov-Tac Bead Blast
Sog Daggert 2 Bead Blast
Sog Daggert 1 Black
Spec Elite II
Sog Gov-Tac
Sog Daggert 2 Black
Special Edition Tech Bowie
Sog Tech Bowie
Trident II
Tomcat 3.0
Sog Bowie 2.0
Super Bowie 20th Anniversary Edition
Bowie Commemorative
Search and Rescue Assited Opening
Flash I Assisted Opening
Flash II Graphite Serrated
Flash II Graphite Plain Edge
Twitch XL Graphite
Seal Revolver
Flash I
Pentagon Elite II
CrossGrip Mini Multi-Tool
Mini Pocket Power Plier
Mini Pentagon
Seal Pup
Sogwinder I
Seal Knife 2000
X-Ray Vision
Access Card
Flash II
Recon Bowie
Northwest Ranger
Pentagon Elite

Lynden, WA.

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