Buying Firearms in the USA

In the last 6 or so years the NRA has gotten rid of most of Bill Clinton's gun restriction laws in the USA. But there are a few hanging on that need to be gotten rid of. Currently it is fairly easy to buy guns and ammo in the US. Sadly it may not always remain that way, in fact that day draws nearer and nearer all the time, if we arent electing the right govenment leaders, and voting in pro-second amendment leaders, we will see a decline in all the hard work the NRA has been doing.
Of course the NRA will always fight for the second amendment, but without the right leaders in office they can only do so much, there are some powerfull polititions currently in office that have the ban of firearms high on their agenda. Namely Speaker of the House, Nancey Pelosi, Senator Bill Clinton, and Senator Hilary Clinton. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is known to be funding much of their villainous activities.
So they have many assets they need to make the purchase guns and ammo hard in the USA. And to re-instate old bills like the old 10 round magazine capacity ban and assault rifle ban could be very easily re-instated, and they know it to! They claim "it is in the public interest, and that "guns cause crime". Guns cause crime like flies cause garbage! And when guns are out lawed only outlaws will have the guns.
Have you read about crime rates in coutrys where the UN has gotten their global gun ban instated? Australia, have you read the statistics on Australia's crime rates? They are drastically higher than before that global gun ban was in place!
Then there is the UK, Japan, Canada, Italy, Germany, and England. Read NRA International Crime Report.
So you see, banning firearms does not solve any issues, in fact it causes more. The right to defend oneself is a god given human right that no man, or group of men, should be able to take away from other men.


Anonymous said...

You do realize that the UK, Britain, and England refer to the same country dont you? It might make your political banter seem more educated if you did correct research first.

Jon & Adam said...

Well if you weant to be precise, the United Kingdom actually refers to England AND Northern Ireland, "England" is specific to the land of the Angles. You are right about the putting "Britain" in the list though, but hey I wrote that in 15 minutes!

Anonymous said...

However "uneducated" it may sound the facts still stand pretty clear...