Folding Hunter 110 Buck Knife

The Folding Hunter 110 Buck Knife is an American Original. The 110 was first made by Buck Knives in 1964, introducing Buck's breakthrough locking folder system, and remains a mainstay in the line today. The most copied knife in the world and is the original lock-back folding knife. Buck's famous, sharp edge holding blade is a clip point 3-3/4" 420HC stainless steel blade will cut through anything (including your hand!) and retain a good edge for a long time. It’s a good-looking knife too, featuring polished brass bolsters, liners and rivets, and classic natural woodgrain handles. Comes with a black leather fold over sheath. Overall length 4-7/8" closed and weighs 7.2 oz. Comes with Buck’s 4-ever warranty. List price $59.00


I got mine used about 30 years ago, and it's the one knife in all those years that hasn't fallen apart, broken, or (thankfully) gotten lost. Like the guy in the other review said, this is the knife that your dad should have passed on to you. And it's the one you'll want to pass on to your son. About the quality and construction, it really is first rate. It opens and closes very smoothly, & the locking mechanism is very secure; the steel for the blade is difficult to sharpen, but once finely sharpened it retains an edge. When I pull mine out, it doesn't scream fancy or quality, but other guys that know about these things want to look at my old knife. The Buck 110 is a ready to use heirloom! Very reasonably priced! – E. B. Lamberts

I still have the Buck 110 Folding Hunter my dad gave me 34 years ago! I am a hunter (big game), fisherman, and camper and still use this knife today. I have field dressed, skinned, and cleaned all sorts of game from New Mexico to Alaska with my folding hunter. I use the GATCO(tm) sharpening tool(s) to keep it sharp. One word of caution -- the knife has a razor sharp edge -- and many new owners make the mistake of having their fingers across the handle when closing the knife -- will require at least 3 Band-Aids! I have purchased and gifted a dozen of these knives to my children, nieces, and nephews. – D. de Urioste “D. de U”

The hunter 110-Buck Knife is my all time favorite knife. My Dad bought it when I was about 12 and I wanted one like his so saved every penny and bought one. I heartily agree with the guy who wrote the last review about being very careful with it. When I was young I cut myself many a time with it including one stab above my knee that went to the bone. Good times…Anyway, I eventually broke the end off that knife (using it as a crowbar, not recommended) and just bought another after not having one for over 2 years. First time I used it…cut my thumb. Anyway, I don’t want to make it sound like it’s a bad knife, just BE CAREFULL! I had my first one for over 2 years and I never had to sharpen it. It will really hold an edge, very good steel! Styling is classic too. I love the polished brass and woodgrain. Like the guy in the first review, it isn’t super fancy but still one of the best knives out that you don’t have to be afraid to use it. Defiantly one I’ll give to my son and it will last forever. – Jon Criss


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