Case Russlock Pocket Knife

The Russlock knife is my favorite "pocket knife" of all time. It is a one handed knife, the Russlock looks just like a whittling knife, but there are major differences. First of all it is easily operated with one hand! The sleek lever sticks out slightly, it just takes a flick of the finger to put it in action! Then there is a locking mechanism. The Russlock knife uses a liner lock locking mechanism, liner lock knives are the easiest one handed knives to operate. And what really makes this knife sell is the fact that it manages to look like a classic folding knife, and have a quality sleek design. That combined with the great steel they craft the blade from, makes this a great knife to add to your collection. Or it's very good for lasting, casual use.

Handle: They make the handle out of almost anything depending on the model you want, they make it from real stag bone, from Synthetic material, and they even make it in a very spiffy looking mother of pearl.

Blade: The blade is made from Tru-Sharp surgical stainless steel. Stays sharp for a long time, it really bites into things deep.

Lynden, WA

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