SOG Bowie 2.0

Sog Bowie 2.0
The SOG Knife Company began with a bowie knife, that bowie knife founded the SOG knife company. The SOG Bowie 2.0 is a re-designed version of that first bowie knife SOG made. SOG made knives and tools for their joint military group; SOG stands for Studies and Observations Group. Often times their recon teams had to infiltrate enemy territories, they needed a good reliable knife that they could trust their lives to. They did not look to others to find the quality they demanded, they designed and created their own knife, a knife that could take any beating that man, or the element could throw at it. And the SOG Bowie passed the test! the knife is made from very, very thick steel. My brother has used his SOG Bowie to split his firewood! SOG has not dropped the standards at all on their new re-created SOG Bowie knife! It is just as tough, with the same handle made of epoxied leather rings. Just looking at it, the knife screams tough! Quality like this never comes cheaply though.
Blade Length: 6.4"
Overall Length: 11"
Weight: 12.0 oz.
Edge: Straight
Steel: AUS 8
Handle: Epoxied leather washers
Finish: Hardcased Black TiNi
Sheath: Leather w/sharpening stone

Lynden, WA

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