Columbia River, Assisted Opening, Koji Hara Ichi

If I had only one thing to say about the Columbia River Koji Hara Ichi, I would say "It’s well made!" But there is lots more to say about it. Its style is more of a gentlemen’s pocket knife, it has a sleek design, and is made frame very high quality 1070K steel. The assisted opening system is not spring loaded as some think; assisted opening achieves its crisp opening system using a torsion bar. And there is no other word for it! This knife opens very crisply! Like I said, it's more of a gentlemen’s knife, it's a great tool, but more delicate, it’s not your everyday rugged knife you can beat on all the time and have it last forever.
The Columbia River Koji Hara Ichi is more of a finely honed instrument and its small sharp blade is great for things like paring apples.

Koji Hara Ichi Black Titanium

The lower handle: the lower handle part of the Columbia River Ichi knife has a none slip rubber grip available in two colors, red and black. Handle length 3.25''

The upper handle: was crafted and designed from layered injection-molded scales of Kraton. the design for this entire knife was designed by Japanese knife designer Koji Hara for Columbia River Knife And Tool. The Ichi is available in two colors, black and grey. Overall Length 5.625''

The handle Liner: There are two 420J2 stainless steel liners running up on the inside of each half of the handles. These steel liners provide handle strength. And one model of the Koji Hara Ichi has Titanium Liners!

Locking System: The locking mechanism is very solid; the Ichi uses the tried, tested and true, one handed liner lock. I grabbed the base of the opened blade and tried to wiggle it back and forth, it definitely passed the test. It was very solid.

The Blade: The blade is made of high quality 1070K carbon steel. It features a drop point pen blade with an ambidextrous style thumb disc. Blade length 2.5''


Lynden, WA

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