U.N. - Friend or Foe?

Thwarted by the demise of its global gun ban treaty, the United Nations declares the human right of self-defence null and void.

"...self-defence will not alleviate responsibilty for violating another's right to life."
"It is reasonable for international human rights bodies to require States to enforce a minimum licensing requirement..."
"...small arms and light weapons may be used defensivley only in the most extreme circumstances, expressly,where the right to life is already threatened or unjustifiably impinged."
"Licenses should be renewed regularly to prevent transfer to unauthorized persons."
"Self-defence is a privilege that governments may choose to grant or withdraw. You have no human right to self-defence. If a government does not impose repressive restrictions on gun ownership-more severe then evan the laws in New York City or Washington, D.C.-then that government is guilty of violating international human rights."
So says the United Nations in its latest assault on the Second Amendment.

And guess what the anti-gun politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schummer, along with their anti-gun billionaire George Soros', have planned.

Here's just some of what they have planned for US:

Federal Arsenal License:
To Possess more than 20 firearms (and parts such as bolts would be regulated as firearms), 1,000 rounds of ammunition or just 1,000 primers, you'd need a special $300 "federal arsenal license." The three-year license would require law enforcement approval and an extensive backgound check.

BATFE Home Inspections:
To get an "arsenal license," you'd have to be willing to open your home to inspections by the BATFE agents three times a year.

Small Handguns Banned:
Possession of small-caliber pistols and short-barreled revolvers would be banned. Also in jeopardy would be older guns, such as single-action revolvers, that lack prescribed saftey devices.

Magazines Banned:
Bill Clinton's ban on magazines of over 10 rounds would be replaced with a banon magazines that hold over 6 rounds

Ammunition Banned:
Ammunition determined to be "non-sporting" would be banned. Any handgun ammunition left on the market would see a federal excise tax increase of 50%. Interstate mail-order ammunition sales would be prohibited.

Waiting Periods/Gun Rationing:
There would be a national seven-day waiting period on handgunand handgun ammunition sales, and you'd not be able to buyor transfer more than one handgun until after a 30 day period.

Buying a handgun,parts or ammunition would require a state-issued Photo ID license. You'd have to pay a fee and pass a firearm safety course to obtain a two year license. Buyers would have to "provide information necesary to register the handgun transfer" Transfer of a handgun would require registering the transfer with the states cheif law inforcment officer.

That is the future we face if we fail to work together to elect a second amendment-safe U.S. Senate.


Jon & Adam
Lynden, Wa

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