Ruger Mini 14

"John Conyers tried to ban guns such as the Mini 14's and specificaly named the Mini 14 as the gun type he wants to ban..."

(Jon)"Really?! Lets look into them a little!"
(Adam) "Buying the cheapest one brand new costs about $550 and I have seen them sell for as low as $350 used on The ruger mini 14 shoots the standard .223 round. Designed and first manufatured by Sturm, Ruger Company Inc. in 1973 the idea was to make a rifle that could mount all the modern tactical equipment that the AR 15 and M 16 currantly use. Today in the 21st Century the reason they are so cheap(price, not quality) is because when they were released their popularity caused the demand for them to grow. Now the Mini 14 is one of America's top selling rifles."
(Jon) "The Ruger mini 14 has often been compared to the AR-15. They're both assault weapons, very reliable, and accurate. Some say that the mini 14 can't shoot a group like the AR as 100 yards but they're close. But look at the price difference: Ar-15 $1,200 - $2,500 and the Ruger mini 14 $300 - $500. Big difference! You're paying so much more for not a whole lot more. A little more accuate...What else? The mini 14 is just as reliable and you can get all of modern tactical equipment for it. I love the AR but if you don't have the money or just want to save, the Ruger mini 14 is in everyway just as good."
(Adam) "And the best part is, the Mini 14 has not just been designed for a lot of tactical modifications, but there are virtually tons of modifications for sale for the Mini 14. Most of the upgrades are not made by Ruger, but by companies like, Butler Creek, Precision Metalworks, BETA, and many more. But the thing I like the most about Mini 14 is that it makes a great home defense gun (probably why the U.N. doesn't like it) there are some great high capacity magazines available for it such as, 10rd, 20rd, 30rd, 90 rd and my favorite, 100 Round Magazine! I would say normaly that a 100 round magazine is overkill. But soon the high capacity round magazines will be banned again and you wont be able to find them new anywhere."
(Jon) There's also lots of stocks to choose from. My favorite is the Butler Creek Folding Stock. There is also the Ram-Line Mini-14/30 Folding Stock. Getting a folding stock not only makes it more packable and concealable but also lightens the weight alot.
(Adam) "There is just so much you can do with a Mini 14! granted it isn't the most accurate rifle on earth but the Mini 14 gives you the most bang for your buck and has more tactical modifications available than any other rifle besides the AR-15."


Jon & Adam
Lynden, WA

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