Gun Shows

(Adam) "First off, we want to talk about the advantages of participating in a gun show. I think the number one advantage of buying, trading and sellin guns at a gun show is that all the guns you purchase will not be registered in your name, in other words the state or government does not know you own the firearm, hence they cannot confiscate, or pester you about it. If it ever comes to that."
(Jon) "I agree! It's a good idea to start purchasing firearms at gunshows so the government doesn't know you have them. At gun shows you can buy, sell, or trade. Another good reason for participating is no sales tax! And that saves a ton of money when you're buying items usually over a few hundred dollars. There's also always plenty of knowlegable guys around to help you or give you info. Always a good selection of new and used and tons of products.
One more very good reason to support gun shows is that the government doesn't like them and wants to do away with them. We need to rally more support for them and keep them around."
(Adam) "Once you actually participate in a gun show you will immediatly be confronted by how simple they are, usually they are held at fair grounds or large gun clubs. You walk in and booths are set up like some gun dealers decided to have a huge garage sale! Thats no joke! If you think all you will find at a gun show is guns, you're wrong. There are generally a few knife booths involved, some hunting booths and tons of gun accesories. And if you are interested in loading your own shells there is firsthand info to be had by guys that have been loading shells for years."
(Jon) "Yeah, gun shows are awesome! They're great places to buy, sell, trade, get info, or just to look around."

Here is a list of gun shows:

Nov. 11-12 Cottenwood, AZ
Verde Valley Fairgrounds, Firing Pin Enterprises (928) 485-0437
Nov. 11-12 Mesa, AZ
Centennial Hall, Arizona Arms Ass'n (520) 240-0445
Nov. 11-12 San Franciso, CA
Cow Palace, Crossroads of the West (801) 544-9125
Nov. 11-12 Ventura, CA
Seaside Park, McMann's Roadrunner (602) 843-5303
Nov. 11-12 Boise, ID
Expo Idaho, Lewis Clark Traders (208) 746-5555
Nov. 11-12 Monroe, WA
Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Washington Arms Collectors Ass'n (425) 255-8410
Nov. 17-19 Helena, MT
Fairgrounds, Weapons Collectors Society of Montana (406) 633-2206
Nov. 17-19 Reno, NV
Reno Hilton, The Big Reno Show (755) 828-2350
Nov. 17-19 Portland, OR
Expo Center, Collectors West (503) 644-5952
Nov. 18-19 Phoenix, AZ
Arizona State Fairgrounds, Lewis Clark Traders (208) 746-5555
Nov. 18-19 Lewiston, ID
Nez Pierce Fairgrounds, Lewis Clark Traders (208) 746-5555
Nov. 18-19 Las Vegas, NV
Cashman Center, Claude Hall Shows (405) 842-3277
Nov. 18-19 Sequim, WA
Macleay Hall, Pacific Northwest Shooting Park Ass'n (360) 457-1846
Nov. 25-26 Phoenix, AZ
El Zaribah Shrine, McMann's Roadrunner (602) 843-5303
Nov. 25-26 Yuba City, CA
Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds, U.S. Gun Traders (530) 438-2913
Nov. 25-26 Bakersfield, CA
Kern County Fairgrounds, Central Coast Gun Shows (805) 481-6726
Nov. 25-26 Costa Mesa, CA
Orange County Fairgrounds, Crossroads of the West (801) 544-9125
Nov. 25-26 Mount Vernon, WA
Skagit County Fairgrounds, Falcon Productions (360) 856-6052
Nov. 26 Portland, OR
Jackson Armory, Orgon Arms Collectors (503) 254-5986


Jon & Adam
Lynden, Wa

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