Benchmade Knives

If you want to buy the best of the best when it comes to knives you cann't do better than buy a Benchmade Knife. Of course you have to be the type that doesn't mind spending an arm and a leg to have the knife that is made from the strongest steel with the strongest lock and the most indestructable\beautiful handle. That is the least you can expect from Benchmade knives! Benchmade has made a point of making knives with the best quality steel on earth, Benchmades rarely need sharpening at all. One time I was out shooting and I wanted to hang one of those thick chilli cans on a wire to shoot at, I didn't think I had anything really suitable to put a hole in the can, but then I grabbed my Benchmade and started drilling right through the metal can with the point. After I was done shooting for the day I was thinking "great, now I go home and sharpen my benchmade"... (the steel is so hard they take longer to sharpen) But when I checked the blade it was every bit as sharp as it was, in other words sharp enough to shave with!
Even though they are expensive, the Benchmade Knife Co. is my favorite tradark name, it's a name I can trust to give me the best for my money.

Lynden, WA

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