Recent Elections, Looking Into The Future.

(Jon) "Ok, lots happening. We want to talk a little about the turn out of the elections and some about the United Nations."
(Adam) "The Republicans (conservatives), after years of holding the majority for the Senate and the House, have lost both in one fell swoop."
(Jon) "Yeah, and now Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is Nancy Pelosi. When Pelosi was elected House minority whip, she hired a former Handgun Control, Inc., spokesman as her new communications director. She once said, "Anybody who's ever dealt with me knows not to mess with me." - Nancy Pelosi."
(Adam) "With anti-gun extremists Nancy Pelosi poised to become the Speaker of the House, and John Conyers chairman of the important house Judiciary Commitee, the threat to gun owners' rights could not be more real in this congressional election."
(Jon) "Rep. John Conyers, the longest serving anti-gun House member, has been promoting a national handgun ban for more than three decades. He hopes to chair the Judiciary Committee.
Although anti-gun presidential canidate Sen. John Kerry failed in their mission in 2004, Brady is optimistic about gun banners' chances on Election Day 2006, saying, "This is the opportunity we've been waiting for.""
(Adam) "If anti-gun forces tip the scales in their favor in the U.S. Senate- Which has the authority to ratify or reject international treaties - you can bet they'll be eager to do anti gun billionaire George Soros' bidding and ratifying a United Nations gun ban treaty!"
(Jon) "It's sick what the world is coming to! It's just a bunch of greedy people for power. They know that if we are unarmed we'll be easily manipulated and controllable. We have to fight back and not give in to the gun ban treaties that will "save lives" and help "protect us." They say it's the governments job to defend the people..."
(Adam)" I know, just look at Australia, they (the U.N.) implemented a gun ban there and crime rates since then have soared, in essance they have disarmed the good guys and the bad guys have nothing to fear now. Look at Canada, for them to even own a rifle (they can't own a handgun) they have to have a day license just to take their rifle to the range/hunting. In the United Kingdom crime rates have sky-rocketed since they have been frightened into submission. It's not just higher crime rates we are facing, that is not the issue. We have the right, as humans, given by God and our founding fathers, to keep and bear arms. If we ever need to call out the minute men again, will they be there?"
(Jon) "So what do we do? One way is by voting and be a part of the conservative public voice. Spread the word. People don't know and need to be warned! Let your voice be heard!"
(Adam) "Dont let our freedom slip through our grasping fingers. We need YOU American!
Stand UP!"

Jon & Adam
Lynden, WA

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