Remington 870 Shotgun

(Adam) "So what should our first posts be about Jon?"
(Jon)"Well....we love shooting our shotties and both have the Remington 870, we could start there."
"Ok then lets do it. First of all Remington Gun Co. is the oldest firearms company in the USA..."
"Right! The first firearm was produced in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington II who thought he could make a gun better than he could buy and set about doing so using his dad's forge."
"Yeah and after he finished making the new rifle he took it to a shooting match, he only placed 2nd but his rifle made such an impact on the shooting world that by the time he got home he was in buisness as Americas oldest gun manufacturer."
"But we're going talk about shotguns not Remington history. So, the Remington 870 has been around for over half a century and in that time the Remington Arms Company have produced over 8 million of them..."
"And they are currently producing 25 models of the Remington 870 shotgun. The Remington 870 is the best shotgun a beginner to advanced alike can buy, it comes in 5 different gauges, 12 Ga., 16. Ga., 20 Ga., 28 Ga., and .410"
"I just love the toughness of it! I mean, it's has been the number one choice in law enforcement for years and I also just found out it's also very popular with the US Air Force. Many believe that it is the finest shotgun ever produced. And it's US made!! How much of that do you see around anymore?!"
"I know, seems like nothing is made here anymore! The Remington 870 has broken all sales records in firearms history, on top of all this the Remington 870 is is the second to none in its affordability and quality combined."
"It's amazing the gun you get for the money you pay! I have one, you have one, and my brother has one and none of us have had a problem yet."
"Oh I know, I actually left mine in the bed of my truck (stupid me) for a week during duck season in the rain, all I did was clean it up a bit and it was fine, ive shot about 1000 rounds through it since then. They are tough. one time while I was duck hunting I was standing with a friend while duck hunting, some ducks flew over and he fired a shot and directly after he was shouting something, I look over at him and he is inspecting the barrel of his Benelli shotgun that ruptured in the mid-section of the barrel, as near as we could tell what happened was the wad got stuck in the barrel and it blew up or it was just a defective barrel. I was standing right next to him so I was lucky to come out of that situation unhurt, whats my point in saying all this? I have shot over 10,000 rounds through my Remington 870 and his Benelli was fairly new and costed almost two times as much! With the Remington 870 you get so much more than you pay for!"
"Yep, I love that gun!"

Here is the link to the Remmington 870's currently in production:


Jon & Adam
Lynden Washington

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