Welcome To Our Website

"Hello outdoor enthusiasts, my name is Adam, I grew up with a conservative backround and..."
"And I'm Jon..."
"Hey! Let me finnish!"
Jon rolls his eyes "Aww, we don't need to hear your whole life story!"
"well we need to introduce ourselves somehow."
"Right! So, anyway, we've been friends since..."
"well our parents met when we were knee hight to a toadstool!"
"Yeah Adam, I think you were -6 mo. when they met and you're 6 mo. older then me."
"Whoah Jon! now you are the one getting technical!"
"Nevermind! But we both grew up in the same town and have been best buddies forever, sharing the same interests."
"Yeah, now we work together, eat together, play together (shooting) see each other 7 days a week. We are both NRA members and love to shoot..."
"And so we decided to make this website. So lets get to the roots, Adam."
"We want to have a full spectrum of outdoor activities that we take active interest such as..." "Shooting, but that's too narrow. Trap, skeet, hunting, target practice, gun and accessories info, also fishing and some hiking."
"Yes, we want to provide useful imformation on all of the above listed, to help the the currant and upcoming generation enjoy the freedoms we have."
"Right on!"

Jon & Adam
Lynden, Washington

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