Trick shooting with my Ruger 10/22

In this video I drove out into the middle of nowhere so I could shoot flying targets with my 22 rifles. Something I have always wanted to do. It worked out fairly well, there is room for improvement for sure though. Hope you enjoy the video

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AMT Hardballer Automatic Long Slide 7" .45 ACP 45

I just listed this AMT Hardballer Automatic Long Slide 7" .45 ACP on for $800 Check it out!

What a find! This AMT Hardballer Automatic Long Slide in .45 ACP is a sweet shooter, the lowest felt recoil of any 1911 I have ever shot, and very very accurate. These are extremely hard to come by, and this one is in excellent shape, I do not have the box for it and it comes with one magazine.

The Kimber Raptor and Colt 80 series are not for sale and are only there to show off the long slide's size.

Hungarian SA85M AK-47 KASSNAR AKM Underfolder

I just listed this Hungarian SA85M AK-47 KASSNAR AKM Underfolder on this is starting at a steal of a deal, check it out!
"WOW New in the box non-fondled Hungarian SA85M AK-47!!! This gun has never had the bolt racked, the stock has never been folded, and a mag has never been inserted! This gun is pristine! This is a find and I'm listing this gun with the disturbingly low starting bid of $975! It comes with the standard accessories that have never been attached, the sling and bayonet, it also has the owners manual. Don't miss this Rifle!"

Smith & Wesson New Model Number Three Target 38-44

 I just sold this beauty on and it went for a really good deal at $3000! Keep an eye out for more deals my gunbroker username is AdamVC.

The target model version of the new model Number 3 was introduced for competitive shooting to allow a smaller caliber, lower recoiling alternative to the remarkably accurate .44 Russian cartridge. Special .32 and .38 caliber rounds were designed for the .44 Russian frame, both used long brass cases with the bullet seated completely inside the case. This gun is significantly less common than the new model 3 in .44. Both calibers of the new model number three target model, shared the same serial production numbers with the .38-44 being the rarer of the two. The numbers produced were very limited being from 1-4333! Serial number 3653 was sold to Annie Oakley. The .38-44 is the rarer of the two calibers only 23% of the entire run of pistols were made in .38-45 with the short top strap, and only 9% were made with the long top strap, this pistol is a short strap.

This gun was special ordered from Smith & Wesson with the nickel finish, and it's just in pristine condition! Just look at the pictures. This gun cwith the box! and it has other extra's as well, including a bullet mould, one of the old ones used to mould the bullet and seat it in the shell. it also comes with 137 cleaned and de-primed casings. The Mother of Pearl grips are not original, and there has been a name inscribed on the butt (P.L. Dillon) these are the only remarkable changes that make this gun a non-factory original. An interesting thing about this gun is that the manufacturing/production numbers are the same as the serial numbers. That is not common, but I have taken pictures of all the markings and numbers for you, and there is one collage of pictures showing all the facets of the cylinder. The bore and rifling is beautiful.

The gun will ship Insured 2nd day air UPS. This gun will not last long, and it is subject to sale locally unless someone bids on gunbroker. Good Luck!

Ballard 1885 Hi-Wall 45-110 2 7/8ths Winchester Reproduction

 I just listed this Ballard 1885 Hi-Wall 45-110 2 7/8ths Winchester Reproduction for sale on at a low starting bid of $1900 and it's a no reserve auction! These rifles are hard to come by, click the link above and you can view the auction.

Features: This Ballard Rifle in 45-110 AKA Sharps 2 7/8ths is the Sporting Field Model, an exact replica of the Winchester 1885 Hi-Wall, It is so exact to specs it is "parts interchangeable" with the Winchester 1885. The base price for this rifle off the Ballard site is $3400 for a complete rifle! As far as I know the only way you can come by one of these amazing guns is to order it custom from Ballard, these guns are made entirely in the USA and are extremely high quality. This Ballard rifle comes with the #4 (heavy) cut barrel with Ballard type rifling, made to stabilize up to 500 grain bullets. the #4 barrel is the second heaviest barrel made the maximum being a #5. This gun has the traditional open sighting system on it, but it has been professionally tapped for a weaver base and it has factory screws on the tang to put a tang sight on it if you choose to go that direction. The caliber is 45-110, one of the famous buffalo hunting rounds, and also used in the movie "Quigley Down Under", but fired from a Sharps rifle. The stock is Ballard's Standard Sporting walnut "Shotgun" Butt Stock and Walnut "Splinter" for-end, the forend has the Schnabel styling with the ebony inlay at the tip. This is the single trigger model, the pull came from the manufacturer at 2.5 Lb's and it is gunsmith adjustable. Sorry, the box is not available.

Condition/Summary: This gun has been used succesfuly on hunts in Montana, the stock has very minor handling marks, none of which penetrate the finish. The barrel has some little minor wear spots through the bluing, there are no dings in the metal just wear on the bluing from shooting off of shooting sticks. The marks are so minor they may be hard to see in the pictures, but I took close up photo's for you anyhow. These guns are extremely hard to get, Ballard has waiting lists for all their guns, as people order these guns, fully customized to their specifications. It's rare to find them anywhere on the internet for sale.

Check out the Ballard site at this URL to view their "traditional rifles"

Accesories: I am including a Lyman 3 piece die set with this auction (47-70 shell holders are used with this caliber), if you are looking for brass you can find it at Buffalo Arms website or Bell.

LOP: 14 1/4" Length Of Pull
Barrel: 30" Heavy #4 Octagon barrel rated to stabalize 500 grain bullets also tapped for weaver bases.
Serial# W234
Stock: Ballard's Standard Sporting Walnut "Shotgun" Butt Stock and Walnut "Splinter" forend. The butt pad is a beautiful case hardend, checkered pad.
Trigger: Single trigger, set to 2.5 Lb's (gunsmith adjustable)
Sights: Open sights, weaver bases can be mounted, and the tang is set up to receive a tang sight.

12 Gauge 32" Barrel Winchester Model 12

I just listed this 12 Gauge 32" Barrel Winchester Model 12 for sale on with a No Reserve auction started at ONE CENT! So click the link above to check it out!

Summary: What a find! This model 12 is in great shape! And I'm starting this auction with no reserve at one cent! Just look at the pictures, the 32" barrel is a real find. There is a little micro pitting on the receiver extension area, and a little on the barrel. The stock and for-end are beautiful, very nice looking wood, the stock grain has real character to it, It even still has the original Winchester Butt-pad! All the serial numbers match and she comes with a FULL choke barrel, Happy Bidding!

This Winchester Model 12 features a "slam fire" pump action, slam fire basically means you can hold the trigger down and pump away to shoot. This works because the trigger does not need to release for re-set. To my knowledge the only slam fire shotgun being made today is the IAC foreign made reproduction of the Winchester 1897 (not a quality gun), so if you want a slam fire shotgun this Winchester Model 12 is a great choice, and a rare find.

Barrel: 32" Blued 2 3/4" FULL Choke
LOP: 14" Length Of Pull

Trebuchet Project

Me, my little brother and cousins built a trebuchet together last weekend, we tried and failed a few times before we got it to work but the results were satisfying. We were slinging bricks at a distance of 200 feet and shot launched pop. I used my 12 gauge Browning Auto 5 and my bro used my 12 Gauge Franchi 48/AL Hunter. It was a fun project.

Remington 870 Wingmaster Magnum

Here's my Remington 870 Wingmaster Magnum, It's listed on with a no reserve auction started at $500.00 Click the above link to view the auction.

This is a find! An old Remington 870 Wingmaster 3" magnum in like new condition! It comes with the original 30" barrel, that shoots 3" shells through a Full choke, and an additional 28" barrel that is Modified choke. The 28" Modified barrel only shoots 2 3/4" shells. This gun is in 97% condition with very, very few light handling marks! It has been extremely well taken care of, it comes with Remington's deluxe wood package that only comes on Wingmaster shotguns and it even has the original Remington Buttpad on it! This gun comes from a time when you could not swap your choke out like changing diapers

barrel 1 - 30" Full Choke 3" Magnum shells
Barrel 2 - 28" Modified choke 2 3/4" shells comes with 2 sight beads
LOP: 14" Length Of Pull

Browning Auto 5 Light Twelve BA5

This is my Browning Auto 5 Light Twelve and it is selling currently on as a no reserve auction, with a starting bid of $600.00 Click the above link to view the auction.

This gun shoots sweet! I was so excited to find this gun, and this Browning Auto 5 Light Twelve has a really low serial number! #L1436 the "L" stands for Light. This Browning Auto 5 Light Twelve is in great condition, the bluing is all original and it shows very little wear on both action and barrel. Of course there is the small rub line that the recoil activated ejection causes on all BA5 shotguns other than that there are only 2 spots that show any wear, and they are shown in the pictures. This model has the Gold trigger and there are no cracks in the stock or forend.

The Barrel has a Poly choke, and comes to a total of 30" but the barrel is a 28" barrel. This barrel also has the Solid Rib on it.

The pattern test pictures:
I used Remington Sport Loads for the pattern test with 7 1/2 shot. The first pattern test picture is the poly choke set to modified at approximately 25 yards the resulting pattern span was 25". During the second pattern test photo, I have the choke set to Full and I'm shooting at the same distance and the resulting pattern span was 13". You can see the difference for yourself! Personally I have always liked the poly choke the best, you can shoot any ammo through it and control your grouping easily. Disregard that large hole in the paper, that was not part of this shotguns pattern test at all.

Barrel: 28" barrel with poly choke (30" overall barrel length)
LOP 13 1/2" Length Of Pull (not original buttpad)
Serial #L1496

Got Questions? Ask away!

Centennial Uberti 1876 in 50-95

This Centennial Uberti 1876 in 50-95 is currently for sale on with a low starting bid of $850! These guns retail for $1300-$1500. Click the above link to view the auction.

I'm starting this Centennial Uberti 1876 50-95 Lever Action rifle at a really low starting bid! This Uberti Centennial edition Model 1876 is a really exciting rifle, it is an exact reproduction of the Winchester model 1876. The "Big 50" was a huge deal when it was first released, It was the first 50 caliber lever action rifle ever made, and it packed a lot of power with its 350-400 grain bullets with 95 grains of powder! This is a true black powder lever action rifle and would be a perfect cowboy action gun.

More information:
Ken Kempa did an article featuring this gun in Guns & Ammo magazine check it out at this web address:

Condition: This gun is in 98% Condition and comes with the box. There was an issue with this gun from shipment, a small chip at the stock where the tang of the rifle meets the wood. It has been repaired and is smooth. That's the only mark on the gun and its shown close up in the pictures. It comes with the original box and papers and i'm throwing in a set of RCBS reloading dies!

Barrel: 22" Blued Octagon Barrel
LOP:13 1/4" (Length Of Pull)
Serial# CN0676