Remington 870 Wingmaster

 I have this Remington 870 Wingmaster listed on, I listed it as a no reserve auction at one cent! Check it out at the above link! I made a video featuring this gun too.
This is a great shotgun, the action is smooth and fast, this is an older 870 Wingmaster so it has no rib on it, I know more than a few people that seek these guns out for that reason because they shoot better without the rib. I made a video demonstrating how well this gun performs, hope you get a chance to look at that.

This gun comes from a time when Remington put a good finish on their shotguns, and they used fantastic looking wood.

28" barrel (modified choke)
12 Gauge (3 3/4" only)
14" LOP (length of pull)

Condition: the metal has just a very little bit of pitting on the receiver, not easily noticed. The one thing about this gun that will make it go for a good deal is the forend has a crack, as shown in the pictures, this could be fixed with epoxy/wood putty, but I will leave that to more expert hands.

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