Custom Ruger Mini 14

Just finished helping dad put this Ruger Mini-14 together, we bought most of the modifications through eBay & Gunbroker. This gun was originally for sale on but was pulled off, he decided to keep it.

  • Accu-Strut (heat dispersion and harmonic balance for the barrel)
  • Mini-14 Scout Mount (replaces the standard Mini-14 heat shield handguard with a secure picatinny rail)
  • Thumb hole stock
  • Quick release cantilever scope rings (we used quick release rings to make it so you can take the scope on and off and not have to sight and resight in your scope every time. With that feature iron sights can still be utilized)
  • Cabelas Alpha long eye relief 3x12 power Alpha scope (you need a long eye relief scope for the scout mount)
Overall the results are very satisfying! Click the pictures to see them full size.

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