Winchester Model 1894 Marlin .444 shoots .44 Magnum

I think the Winchester model 94 in .444 and .450 marlin will find themselves on the collectors list very shortly. The reason being that the model 94 has been discontinued, and if Browning ever decides to manufacture them again, the ones made by the original Winchester company will still be worth more. For those of you who don't already know Winchester is now owned by Browning, all currently produced Winchester firearms are manufactured under Browning.

I do not own a rifle that shoots .450 Marlin, but if someone would post results on testing the .45 LC round through the .450 Marlin rifle, please post your results using the comment system.

Here's part 2 of my video, Winchester Model 1894 Marlin .444 shoots .44 Magnum. This is the actual field testing, I shoot the .44 Rem mag shell on camera for your viewing pleasure.



Anonymous said...

Not good to shoot 44mag out of your 444 your get throat erosion just a waste of a good rifle.

AdamVC said...

Throat erosion is a natural occurrence that happens in all firearms, especially ones that shoot extremely hot loads. Granted, using cast lead cowboy action .44 magnum bullets would help maintain barrel life longer but even so, the hotter .444 marlin load will cause throat erosion faster than the .44 magnum. The chamber/throat just acts as a forcing cone on a revolver, like I said in the video, the biggest problem is with keeping the buildup out of the chamber.