Remington Model 29 Pump Action Bottom Eject Take Down Shotgun

I don't think there are many of these old Remington model 29 shotguns left, mines a 12 gauge with a 30" full choke barrel. I have owned the Browning BPS bottom eject shotgun and a couple Ithaca Model 37 shotguns and they are great shotguns, they are lighter than the Remington model 29 and shorter overall length. But I have found the Remington 29 to be less prone to have "hangups" while shooting, the ejection system (in my humble opinion) is superior, and when you have 3 clays in the air at once, the last thing you want is anything slowing down your cycle. For me, this guns strong point shooting sporting clays at long range, with that 30" full choke I can really reach out and break one. Anyway I utilized the internet to find out all I could about the Remington model 29 and from what I understand they were only in production for three years, 1930-1933 and approximately 38,000 were manufactured. and in four grades.
  1. Remington model 29A = Standard 
  2. Remington model Grade 29B = Special Grade 
  3. Remington model 29C = Trap Grade 
  4. Remington model 29D = Tournament Grade 
I made a short video tutorial on how to take the shotgun down, I also removed the plug that was in it, which proved to be a little tricky to say the least. If anyone requests using the comment system, I will make a video showing you how to remove/insert a plug into your Remington Model 29. Unless requested I wont bother.


Anonymous said...

Can you please make a video showing how to remove/insert a plug into the Remington Model 29?

TampaGregE said...

Please make a video showing how to remove a plug from the magazine.

AdamVC said...

Ok I made it and uploaded it to YT, It's also been added to my blog, enjoy!