Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 30-06 For Sale on

This gun did not sell during the first auction, I want at least $1,000 for it, feel free to contact me if you have an interest.

I have really enjoyed owning this rifle, I restored the stock myself, the wood is a beautiful walnut hardwood it has a fantastic grain to it. I take some pride in restoring stocks and it really shows on this piece. When I got this rifle to wood was not nicked up at all, but the gloss had bubbled in places, so I did not take hardly any wood off the gun. I took the finish off and the stain out. The bluing is great as you can see by the pictures, and its in original condition

This Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 30-06 rifle has a 24" barrel, the stock has 13 5/8" LOP and the serial number is #551470, all the serial numbers match up. The hood for the front sight is missing, everyone takes them off and loses them when they put a scope on. Its rare indeed to find one with the hood still on it.

I am not a collector, I'm a shooter, and after refinishing this rifle I realized I will never shoot this rifle because I don't want to nick it up. So I will pass it on to someone who can afford to have a looker like this.

The Scope is a Redfield 3x9 power scope, It's an old set focus scope, I'd like to keep this scope for myself because I know most people take off the scopes on the used hunting rifles they buy anyway. If you want the scope too send me $100 extra, above the final listing price, the rings and base' will come with the gun, whether you pay for the scope or not. The rings receive a 1" tube. Happy Bidding!

here's the link to the Gunbroker listing


Anonymous said...

Hey there, I was wondering if you could add to the list of "Great Links". It is a free gun classified site.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunalty you greatly deminished the value when you refinished it. It would have been worth far more if younleft the original finish even if it was beat up. It's not worth 1k anymore.

AdamVC said...

The Rifle has been sold now, it ended up going for $1160. Thank you all for your interest and check back later for more deals.