Touch Up Gun Bluing 44-40

I like to use 44-40 gun bluing, it's fast, easy and anyone can do it. It works best when just touching up spots where the original bluing has been worn or scraped. I think that the 44-40 formula actually uses it's chemicals to re-distribute the bluing the is still left on the gun. The reason I think this is because it matches perfectly into the bluing that is already on the gun, and I tried bluing my knives with it, both my stainless steel and my carbon steel knives and it did not affect them in the least! However there is one thing about it you need to know before you apply it. The pots you use it on are more susceptible to rust for the first 24 hrs. So after applying it rub the metal down with an anti-rust oil, (rem oil is good stuff) and keep doing that over a period of 24 hrs.

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