Sig 970 SHR 300 Win Mag

I bought a Sig 970 SHR about 6 months ago and just recently sighted it in, its a great bolt action rifle, the bolt is just butter smooth, and has almost no slop space like the Tikka's have. It has features like a 3 stage silent safety, detachable magazines, and Leopold makes quick detach base and rings for it.
I knew 300 Win Mag was a lot of power after sighting it in, it took me about 40 rounds sot satisfy me at 300 yards. But then a week later I took it out to have some fun with it on a farm, I took 4 half gallon jugs of old milk, and placed them in a field 200 yards from my shooting position. When I shot them the jugs stayed relatively in the same place I put them, but they just exploded, one of the jugs spurt milk about 30 feet high! The others just spread milk in about a 20 foot radius. What really impressed me was one of the half gallons was blown completely in half!
These rifles are actually really hard to get your hands on, because they are imported from Switzerland. I got mine on

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