Ruger No. 1 and Ruger No. 3

A question people usually ask about Ruger's No. 1 and Ruger N0. 3 is, "why buy a single shot rifle in todays age of repeaters?"

  1. The Ruger No. 1 and Ruger No. 3 have an extremely strong built frame. Both of these single shot guns can handle outsized cartridges with ease, and can shoot way heavier loads than a repeater can handle, especially when we are talking about really hot handloads!

  2. Being a single shot rifle you can write off that extra 4 1/2" extra length that a bolt action rifle has, making the Ruger No. 1 and Ruger No. 3 shorter in overall length. This means you can have a longer barrel and the same overall length of a repeater, adding to your projectiles velocity.

  3. Then you have style, the beautiful lines and short action of the Ruger No. 1 and Ruger No. 3 a great choice for your single shot hunting rifle.

Comparing the Ruger No. 1 and Ruger No. 2 to modern repeaters is like comparing a Hemi Cuda to a Lotus Elise. Modern repeaters have a lot of great features, but the single shot Ruger can and does handle the raw power.

You can find the Ruger No. 1 & Ruger N0. 3 on

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