Custom Knives

I've been given the opportunity to sell some custom knives for a friend that I met at the Custer Gun Club, gun show. He's a knife vender that has been going to gun and knife shows all over the US for over 20 years. Some of these custom knives are simply incredible.

This is a beautiful knife made by Bob Lay. Bob is a well known custom knife maker from Canada, he makes about 260 knives a year and likes to use 440c steel The handle on this knife is stabilized maple burl with a sheep horn spacer.

This knife was made out of a file, you might think that is a bit unique, but not really, a lot of people use files to learn how to grind a knife properly, and don't think badly of this knife for it's humble beginnings, files are made out of super hard metal. So this knife is a real cutter. The handle is made out of Osage Orange Wood.

I really like this one! It's a sweet looking knife. the best part about this knife is the blade design. It's made out of Stainless, but the Damascus doesn't come all the way down to the cutting edge. This creates a knife with incredible styling without the worries of ruining your Damascus blade cutting something.

This Knife is definitely the most well put together than the rest of the knives I got from him. The metal pieces on the sides with the engraving look like they are part of the tang, that is how detailed Russ Kommer gets with his knives.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I enjoy reading your blog. Next time you are at one of the Falcon Gun & Knife Shows introduce yourself to me, I am the female taking money at the door and I would enjoy meeting you face to face.

Jon & Adam said...

Sure thing, do you wear a name tag?