Uberti 1873 Bird Head Revolver

Ive been looking into getting a single action revolver for some time now and I've finally decided on getting a Uberti 1873 Bird Head Revolver. I decided on the Birds Head style because it really fits my small hands much better in a draw situation. It just feels awesome in my hands.
But there is another reason that I want to get the Bird Head style revolver, it's not a definite deciding factor but it counts in favour of the Birds Head. The Bird Head style is not in your mainstream cowboy action shooting groups, here and there there might be a fellow that has one, but they are much less common than the 1873 Cattleman style Revolvers, at the same time the Bird Head Revolver is every bit as authentic in cowboy action shooting.
For that same reason I almost decided on getting Schofield Revolver, And it would definitely be my first choice if I was really into Cowboy Action Shooting that involved speed loading, since the Schofield revolver ejects all the empties as you open up for a reload. The only disadvantage to this design is that it will also extract your unspent cartridges. It was for this reason that the US cavalry discontinued the use of Schofield revolvers and replaced them with the 1873 style in 45 LC. These fine revolvers can be found for sale on Gunbroker.com

Lynden, WA

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