I got my Colt Python!!!

I have been looking for a Colt Python for sale locally for some time now. I was hoping to pick one up with a 6" barrel, but what I bought was a Python with a 2.5" barrel, I am holding it as I write this post, and I can honestly, with no doubt in my mind, say that this gun surpasses every gun I have ever seen for bluing. I would go so far as to say that this is the most beautiful revolver made.
Which is a great pity for the rest of the world, since these guns have been out of production for over 20 years! Most of the rest of the world shall live without a Colt Python in their collection. What I actually learned just before I bought the Python in 2.5" barrel is that the 2.5" Python is actually more rare than any other Pythons that come in 4" 6" and 8". your average Colt Python in other barrel lengths sells for about $850-$1000 on gunbroker.com but the 2.5" barreled Colt Python sells for about $1250-$1400. I guess it's because that barrel length is so much rarer.
I know of a fella that bought one for $150 dollars some time back, he sold it for $300 and the taste of the memory of that gun is so strong in him, that he is willing to pay $1000 just to own another Colt Python.
There is a special reason that the Colt Python is so much more beautiful than other blued guns to. The metal on each Colt Python was hand sanded, then the bluing was applied two times carefully after the metal was smooth as it could be. The result was a gun with such deep shiny bluing that you can see your own reflection like a mirror, that gun is the Colt Python.

Lynden, WA

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Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed sir, but you excluded the (even more rare) 3" Python...
Thought by some to be THE most well balanced and desirable of all the Pythons.