Remington Model 105CTi

This new Remington Model 105 CTi is a really hot shotgun! it's super nifty features make it the premier choice for sporting shooters. The Remington Model 105 CTi boasts low recoil, efficient ejection, and awesome auto loading ability. The ejection system on the Remington Model 105 CTi is really a great innovation, the shells get ejected straight out of the bottom of the shotgun at the base of the loading tube. If you will notice in the picture, the ejection port is not visible. This ejection system is not entirely new, Ithaca made a shotgun with a very similar ejection system, and it proved to be a good gun.
However what Ithaca has done, Remington has improved with their Model 105 CTi.

Watch the promotional video clip that features the Remington Model 105 CTi, the video clip shows you what the Remington Model 105CTi is like on the inside, all the moving parts, and shows the gun being fired. Enjoy! You can buy the Remington Model 105CTi on

Lynden, WA

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