Colt .38 Detective

This cute little revolver was brought to my attention today by a man that called in at my job today looking for a Colt .38 Detective. I had no idea that this gun existed! But not willing to be ignorant about it any longer, I went and researched it a little and helped the fellow find one on
Well I wasn't completely in the dark as to the gun itself. I mean who hasn't watched the gangster VS cop movies and all the plain cloths cops carry little snub nosed revolvers. What I did not know was that thos snubby little guns were .38 Colt Detective Special revolvers
most of the Colt Detective Special revolvers come with a 2" barrel, in blued, there are a few models that come in stainless. They are very concealable and have very nice double action triggers.
Can Be found for sale on
Lynden, WA

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