Cho Seung-Hui: Virginia Tech Gunman

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine firmly believes that if the students were all armed they would have had a fighting chance.
As it was 32 students and personnel were ruthlessly gunned down, while school kids, teachers and everyone else on campus were running around trying to get away; which is very understandable when you have nothing to defend yourself, or others with from such an onslaught! At this point we have to look back on the Virginia Tech killings and say how could this have been prevented?. Lets take it from a simple and logical standpoint, and look at statistics. First lets look at the Columbine Massacres, it took policemen hours before to actually effectually respond to the killings committed by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold they killed a total of 13 people and wounded 22, before committing suicide. The police did not arrive in time to prevent 33 people from being gunned down and over 24 wounded in Virginia Tech College.
If you are a believer that making gun ownership more strict, and making it harder to obtain firearms, or even the total ban of firearms in America and that a gun ban is the solution, allow me to disillusion you with simple, logical facts. The police did not save any of the above mentioned people, it is a general thought among people that whatever is going on that the civil authority's will Always protect you. Let me burst your bubble, you don't have a personal guardian police officer always at your side, looking after your welfare (if you did, think of all those speeding tickets!). So who do we turn to then? Could we all hire body guards? But wait, the body guard would have a gun to right?
One crazy man was able to take the lives of 32 on April 16 2007, if one of those 33 or some of the others that escaped had means of protecting him/herself, that one crazy man would and could have been stopped effectively. If we make gun ownership more strict after this affair, we are only showing how blinded we have become to dirt logic and common sense, if guns are banned, all the loyal citizens will give up their guns, do you really think the "bad guys" will give up theirs? Not a chance! All the weapons that have been manufactured and distributed could never be entirely recovered, and still we would have even more unstoppable, invincible, crazy gunman!

No man can enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house. Mark 3:27

Here is the solution, if you want to have peace of mind about you and your family's safety and welfare, if you want this kind of security, you wont find it in the police department or body guards. You are your own best protection, You are the only one that is always there when You need protection, You need to effectually protect yourself when You are threatened. The best way I know of to protect you and all that is dear to you is to eliminate whatever is threatening you or your family, as quickly and safely as possible. How do we do this? The most simple solution is by getting a gun. But don't think that just by getting a gun you will be forced to use it against people, that would be a unusual circumstance. Think of it like buying life insurance, think of buying a gun like; I will probably never need this gun to protect myself, but if I ever do I can readily defend my family from any threat!
Lynden, WA

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