Taurus PT 1911 .45 ACP

When Taurus came out with the PT 1911 style .45 ACP I have to admit I was just a bit skeptical, but when I held it all skeptic thought quickly vanished! I picked up the Taurus 1911 PT for the first time, slid the action back, looked down the sights and pulled the trigger (I obviously checked for loads) what happened was perfect chemistry, it was just a light squeeze I gave the trigger and the hammer fell. I realized that they had put a match grade trigger (or really close) on the PT 1911! I also noticed that the sights were great target grade sights. The beautiful look it has with that beavertail grip safety is awesome to. Just looking at it you would automatically think, "oh, nice Kimber, it prolly costs $900..." But no! The Taurus PT 1911 .45 ACP has a low MSRP of $617!!!

Now I have not had the chance to actually shoot this gun yet.

8 months later:
OK I've shot it now and I'm not so excited about the Pt 1911, so I'm coming back to add to this rather yuppie sounding post. Everything on the gun worked great, especially the thumb safety... in fact it activated itself after the first couple of shots. I thought "oh my hand must have jarred it from the recoil" but when I looked at it hadn't moved at all. But after clicking the thumb safety up and down again It started working again, but only to keep on seizing up on me over and over again. So I called in on Taurus' customer service, they have a lifetime warranty on all their guns. I sent the gun in 2 times and they failed to fix the problem, they obviously misunderstood somehow what the problem was. I ended up getting a cash refund from the local dealer I bought it from and was extremely lucky to do so. Perhaps it was just a quality control issue but at the same time I would not recommend this gun to anyone.

Lynden, WA

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Now they also produce a version that comes with the tactical rail.