HK USP Tactical

The HK USP Tactical is a must to own if you enjoy shooting excellent tactical firearms. The HK USP Tactical has an extended, threaded barrel with rubber O-ring on it to attach suppressors, silencers, (illegal for most of us) compensator's, and all that good stuff. Underneath the barrel is a tactical rail mount, this mount enables you to easily slide on and off a laser sight or light. But I would put on a laser/light combo.
The HK USP Tactical is also really well equipped for target, what I mean is that it is an accurate gun that comes with target features, such as an adjustable trigger that has 9 firing modes, and adjustable sights. The extended slide release that comes standard with the HK USP Tactical is a great bonus for any tactical pistol, it makes releasing the slide real easy, and the magazine release on the HK USP Tactical is ambidextrous.
Weighing in at a mere 1.90 lbs (unloaded) the HK USP Tactical is light and reliable. HK USP Tactical comes in either .40 S&W or .45 ACP. If however you are used to shooting Glocks and don't adapt to new guns well do not buy an HK USP Tactical. People who can't handle the change always end up shooting off target because of the grip angle. You can find HK USP Tactical handguns on

As for the company, Heckler and Koch's name is impeccable.

Lynden WA

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