Taurus Thunderbolt

The Taurus Thunderbolt Comes in 2 colors and 2 calibers, Blued and Stainless, and .45 LC (Long Colt) and .357 Magnum. Cool thing about the .357 magnum one is that it takes .38 Special as well. That way it enables the shooter to use the more powerful .357 loads if he want to, or the cheaper .38 special rounds. The .45 LC Taurus Thunderbolt packs a bigger punch since its a bigger round.
Both guns come in either all blued or all stainless, Both have beautiful wooden American, western style stocks. The Taurus Thunderbolt is pump action, both the stock and the forepiece are made out of wood. The round capacity for both models of the Taurus Thunderbolt is a whopping 14 rounds! The tube feed pump action Taurus Thunderbolt is a great sidekick for a Ruger Blackhawk, Jon has the Blackhawk in .45 LC and he will soon have his Taurus Thunderbolt in .45 LC to match his Blackhawk. After that he will have his wild west setup.

The Taurus Thunderbolt is available to purchase on Gunbroker.com

Lynden, WA

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