Winchester Model 94

I just recently purchased a Winchester model 94. To say that I love the gun would be a severe understatement! It is a real cowboy style Winchester. I bought it in the .44 Remington magnum, not advised for the weak of shoulder! It kicks like a mule. But that's one of the reasons I bought it! The Winchester Model 94 stock is made of a beautiful red colored walnut, the barrel is constructed of Winchester blued steel. The Winchester Model 94 is one of the great classics of gun history.
But I think the main reason I bought the Winchester Model 94 is because Winchester has discontinued the Winchester Model 94 forever. I'm thinking that the Winchester Model 94 will someday become rare, and eventually you wont be able to find them anymore. I really wanted to own this gun before it was to hard to get. I paid only $369.00 dollars for it brand new! Well nearly brand new, my guess is that the owner shot it a few time, the gun kicked him a few times, and he then went out and sold it. Anyway I bought it on consignment at a local sporting goods dealer.

Why am I telling you all this? because my prediction is that this gun and 2 other Winchester models are being discontinued permanantly. These models will certainly be rare someday, and you couldn't do better than to invest a small sum of cash in a Winchester Firearm. The other models being discontinued are the Winchester Model 70, and the Winchester Model 1300.

Lynden, WA

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