SOG Fusion Throwing Knives

Sog Fusion Throwing Knife Set
The SOG Fusion Throwing Knives are not like most throwing knives, they actually have a good cutting edge to them, buying the SOG Fusion throwing knives is like buying 3 knives for the price of one. The only difference between a SOG Fusion throwing knife and a normal fixed blade knife is, it's perfectly balanced! You can wrap para-cord around the handles and use them as a normal fixed blade knife, or you can use them for throwing, whatever you decide to use them for, you will find them very tough. The black finish is super tough/scratch resistant. They sell in packs of three, all three knives fit compactly into one sheath. The sheath is made of nylon and has a strap that goes around the knives handles. This prevents them from slipping out, no matter if you are upside down you won't lose any knives.
You may have bought throwing knives in the past and had a bad experience with them. That may have been because they were bad quality steel. But not these SOG Fusion Throwing Knives! They are perfectly balanced, one piece construction knife, made with 420 steel.
Blade Length: 4.375"
Overall Length: 10"
Weight: 5.3 oz. each
Edge: Straight
Steel: 420
Handle: N/A
Finish: Hardcased Black
Sheath: Nylon/td
Lynden, WA

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your review of these throwing knives. For the price these knives are great. They come sharp from the factory, great balance, and are pretty easy to throw. I was disapointed in the throwing knives. The knives are made in China from stamped steel. The steel is very hard which helps these knives keep thier edge for a long time. With that being said, the steel is so hard to the point that it is brittle. This would be fine for a normal use fix blade, but not a throwing knife. I had these knives for a week when I dropped one knife and 3/4" of the tip broke off. A throwing knife should retain the ability to withstand some abuse, afterall no one is perfect.