The Cold Steel AK-47

The cold steel AK-47 is a folding pocket knife with the same locking system as a griptilian bench made knife.
The cold steel AK-47 is made of quality aus8a steel the handle of which is made of aluminum.
The cold steel AK-47 locking system is infallible, the steel is tough, plus you can rely on it not to break when you are using it to do a hard job.
This knife is a folding pocket knife that would be a good tool both on the job and off the job.
This knife was made by cold steel and designed by Andrew Demko. Built for hard and rugged use, the AK-47's handle is made with thick aircraft grade aluminum scales that are bolted to steel liners, this creates a robust grip that is remarkably tough, rigid, and incomparably strong.
The AK-47 has been equipped with the Ultra lock locking mechanism this locking system has been proven to be equal if not a better locking system than most knives are equipped with.
The cold steel AK-47 is thumb operated and is not assisted opening.

Blade: 3 1/2"
Overall: 9 1/4"
Thick: 4mm
Weight: 7.6 oz.
Steel: AUS 8A Stainless
Handle: Bead Blasted Aluminum

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