Ballard 1885 Hi-Wall 45-110 2 7/8ths Winchester Reproduction

 I just listed this Ballard 1885 Hi-Wall 45-110 2 7/8ths Winchester Reproduction for sale on at a low starting bid of $1900 and it's a no reserve auction! These rifles are hard to come by, click the link above and you can view the auction.

Features: This Ballard Rifle in 45-110 AKA Sharps 2 7/8ths is the Sporting Field Model, an exact replica of the Winchester 1885 Hi-Wall, It is so exact to specs it is "parts interchangeable" with the Winchester 1885. The base price for this rifle off the Ballard site is $3400 for a complete rifle! As far as I know the only way you can come by one of these amazing guns is to order it custom from Ballard, these guns are made entirely in the USA and are extremely high quality. This Ballard rifle comes with the #4 (heavy) cut barrel with Ballard type rifling, made to stabilize up to 500 grain bullets. the #4 barrel is the second heaviest barrel made the maximum being a #5. This gun has the traditional open sighting system on it, but it has been professionally tapped for a weaver base and it has factory screws on the tang to put a tang sight on it if you choose to go that direction. The caliber is 45-110, one of the famous buffalo hunting rounds, and also used in the movie "Quigley Down Under", but fired from a Sharps rifle. The stock is Ballard's Standard Sporting walnut "Shotgun" Butt Stock and Walnut "Splinter" for-end, the forend has the Schnabel styling with the ebony inlay at the tip. This is the single trigger model, the pull came from the manufacturer at 2.5 Lb's and it is gunsmith adjustable. Sorry, the box is not available.

Condition/Summary: This gun has been used succesfuly on hunts in Montana, the stock has very minor handling marks, none of which penetrate the finish. The barrel has some little minor wear spots through the bluing, there are no dings in the metal just wear on the bluing from shooting off of shooting sticks. The marks are so minor they may be hard to see in the pictures, but I took close up photo's for you anyhow. These guns are extremely hard to get, Ballard has waiting lists for all their guns, as people order these guns, fully customized to their specifications. It's rare to find them anywhere on the internet for sale.

Check out the Ballard site at this URL to view their "traditional rifles"

Accesories: I am including a Lyman 3 piece die set with this auction (47-70 shell holders are used with this caliber), if you are looking for brass you can find it at Buffalo Arms website or Bell.

LOP: 14 1/4" Length Of Pull
Barrel: 30" Heavy #4 Octagon barrel rated to stabalize 500 grain bullets also tapped for weaver bases.
Serial# W234
Stock: Ballard's Standard Sporting Walnut "Shotgun" Butt Stock and Walnut "Splinter" forend. The butt pad is a beautiful case hardend, checkered pad.
Trigger: Single trigger, set to 2.5 Lb's (gunsmith adjustable)
Sights: Open sights, weaver bases can be mounted, and the tang is set up to receive a tang sight.

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