Browning Auto 5 Light Twelve BA5

This is my Browning Auto 5 Light Twelve and it is selling currently on as a no reserve auction, with a starting bid of $600.00 Click the above link to view the auction.

This gun shoots sweet! I was so excited to find this gun, and this Browning Auto 5 Light Twelve has a really low serial number! #L1436 the "L" stands for Light. This Browning Auto 5 Light Twelve is in great condition, the bluing is all original and it shows very little wear on both action and barrel. Of course there is the small rub line that the recoil activated ejection causes on all BA5 shotguns other than that there are only 2 spots that show any wear, and they are shown in the pictures. This model has the Gold trigger and there are no cracks in the stock or forend.

The Barrel has a Poly choke, and comes to a total of 30" but the barrel is a 28" barrel. This barrel also has the Solid Rib on it.

The pattern test pictures:
I used Remington Sport Loads for the pattern test with 7 1/2 shot. The first pattern test picture is the poly choke set to modified at approximately 25 yards the resulting pattern span was 25". During the second pattern test photo, I have the choke set to Full and I'm shooting at the same distance and the resulting pattern span was 13". You can see the difference for yourself! Personally I have always liked the poly choke the best, you can shoot any ammo through it and control your grouping easily. Disregard that large hole in the paper, that was not part of this shotguns pattern test at all.

Barrel: 28" barrel with poly choke (30" overall barrel length)
LOP 13 1/2" Length Of Pull (not original buttpad)
Serial #L1496

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