16 Gauge Winchester Model 12 for sale

My Winchester model 12 in 16 Gauge is a perfect functioning weapon. Some of these take down shotguns are a bit loose and sloppy in the marriage between barrel and action causing lockup problems that affect pumping, the lockup on this model 12 is tight and that makes the pumping procedure smooth. I have taken close up photo's to show how nice the threads are.

This Winchester Model 12 in 16 Gauge features a "slam fire" pump action, slam fire basically means you can hold the trigger down and pump away to shoot. This works because the trigger does not need to release for re-set. To my knowledge the only slam fire shotgun being made today is the IAC foreign made reproduction of the Winchester 1897 (not a quality gun)

the bluing is in original condition, this shotgun has never been re-finished. The bluing is worn and in places there's some superficial pitting, the bore however is bright, shiny and free of both pitting and rust.

  • 16 Gauge
  • 27" barrel Full Choke
  • 14" LOP (Length Of Pull)
  • Serial#1141302

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