Seville Stainless .44 Magnum United Sporting Arms Inc

I was very lucky to find this gun at a local gun shop, these guns are very hard to find and I was really excited to find it. It came with the original box and a Bianchi Holster. Below is an excerpt from an article advertising this fantastic revolver. You can also check out the video I created, the video is basically a short overview and field test.

“A new family of single action hand guns created to capture the spirit of the Old West.
Each of these outstanding revolvers is a he-man sized weapon, accurate enough for target
shooting with power to drop even the largest game. Designed for the active sportsman
and the collector, each is a virtual look-alike to its frontier counterpart. Crafted in
modern materials, they retain the traditional half-cock position for loading and
incorporate a modern transfer bar which prevents the hammer from striking the firing
pin unless the trigger is depressed. EVERY GUN IS COMPLETELY AMERICAN
MADE. All guns in the United Sporting Arms’ lines incorporate features which make
them equally attractive to the gun fancier who will use them for hunting, on the pistol
range or who may value them primarily as a distinguished addition to his handgun
collection. Accuracy is unsurpassed among comparable handguns. 8 groove rifling, one
turn in 15 inches; fine honed barrel for smoothest lands and grooves, precise line-up of
cylinders and barrel”

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gun cabinets said...

The Gun is attractive and fancy..
And easy to hand use

BAW said...

Good video, I have the Superblackhawk. We will have to go shoot somtime. BAW

Anonymous said...

did you ever sell this? i have the next pistol down in serials. i may sell it for $800

AdamVC said...

I did sell it. And I miss it but I made good money on it.