How to buy guns on Gunbroker

Hi, I'm Gunbroker user AdamVC, I have been using to sell my guns for about 5 years now. Buying and selling on is easy and efficient, Gunbroker is the gunshow that never closes it's doors. Gunbroker gives you the opportunity to browse, bid and sell guns all over the USA. If you are a new Gunbroker user just starting out in the Gunbroker community it helps to have a little coaching on how to handle a transaction. This tutorial assumes you already have a user account and know how to bid. 

When you win an item all the info to complete a transaction is available for you to put the ball in the sellers court. First you log into your Gunbroker account then you open the "My Gunbroker" tab at the top of the page. From there you have a dashboard that shows you a host of activity's. What you are trying to do now is complete a buyers transaction, so on the left side link list click on "Won (1)" then click on the item you are dealing with. From here you can access all the information sensitive to this transaction. At the top of the page you will see a link list that will look like this

 Congratulations ExampleBuyer, you are the Winner of Item XXXXXXXXX

  • Leave Feedback for "ExampleSeller"
  • View "ExampleSeller" name and address
  • Send an email to "ExampleSeller"
  • Help for Resolving a Problem with the Seller
  • Auction Summary

  1. The "name and address" link will be the location where you send checks or FFL paperwork to and the name will be the name you should put on the check
  2. FFL copys can be obtained from any licensed dealer, and can be sent by mail, email, or Fax. 
  3. Make sure you send a printoff or message letting the seller know what item you purchased just to expedite matters, oftentimes sellers have many things going out the door at once.  
  4. On occasion, the only information you should need to email a seller for, is shipping cost+end price,  When all parties know how to handle their own end it ensures a smooth transaction 
That's all there is to it for you, from there the seller sends the gun to the FFL dealer you chose, you head down to your local gun shop and complete the transfer there upon the guns arrival. Always buy from trusted sellers, Gunbroker has a feedback system much like ebay, buy from users that have earned the trust and respect of others online, this is really the best way to ensure a smooth transaction.

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